Freedom Fund Calculator - Calculate the Cash to Leave Your Job and Run Your Biz Full Time!

You've launched your business (or dream of launching!) so you could walk out the doors of your corporate job and never look back. Am I right? 

I've been there and I've been guiding my clients through the process for years...and I'll tell you what the downright scariest part is: MONEY

How on earth will you replace your comfortable corporate income with your brand new business? Guess no more! You need a Freedom Fund and I'll show you how to create it.

With this free downloadable spreadsheet (and instructional video!), you'll discover:

How much you need to earn in your side hustle each month.

How much you need to save in order to quit your job (and not freak the f*ck out).

How long you need to Side Hustle to make it all work.


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